“Passion” key to unlock Amal

I still think about that 1 message that helped me start my journey as amal fellow. My phone ditched me but my WhatsApp saved me. How my passion served as the only key to the doors of amal. Let me rewind it a bit.

On 16 Nov, I got a message on WhatsApp regarding my interview for amal (my phone had some issues, so they were unable to reach me through my phone, but it was lovely of them to reach out to me via alternate medium), my interview went well, but then I didn’t receive any confirmation, but my friend did (we both applied together).

I was really disheartened but then I thought maybe that spot wasn’t for me. But after 1 week somehow my phone worked a bit and I got a message regarding orientation but that day was passed. I was so bummed that this whole time I thought that I was rejected but it wasn’t me, it was my stupid phone.

Then I decided to text that guy & shoot my shot who reached out to me earlier and what’s the worst could happen now. I told him the whole situation and he said lemme see what I can do. I kept on following up, even the fellowship started and instead of losing hope, I was still trying. At that time I was like no I’ve to become a fellow no matter what. Orientation happened, my friend used to fill me in and I kept on trying, then even the first session also happened. In this whole period, I texted him and took updates.

And in the second week, finally, I got the admission. I was one week late but I made all the efforts to came on the same page with others although, with my full job, internship, and university it was really hard for me but I had tried really hard to get in, and now I was there so I had to make sure that I don’t disappoint them.

As I look behind, I still get amazed. In the fellowship, I realized that this was my passion and amal is all about passion. After my admission, I also thought that why was I selected but now I understand that they valued my passion.

This incident also made me believe that if I want to achieve anything I can achieve it. I’ve that potential and for me giving up is never an option. I’m really grateful to be a part of such prestigious family. It has provided me a safe space.

My takeaways:

The list is long but I’ll share a few here.

1- Kindness: being too much sweet or too bitter isn’t a good thing, now I try to balance it and be kind towards others a bit more than I used to do.

2- Reactions: before reacting I think about things and I listen to them properly first try to understand and then react.

3- Agree to disagree: people have different opinions and it’s okay.

4- Feelings: expressing your feelings is okay, although it’s still difficult for me but I’m still trying.

5- positivity: emotions are contagious, if you create an aura of positivity you’ll attract positive things and you’ll transmit your positive energy to others.

6- Gratitude: always be grateful that your glass is half filled.

7- Growth mindset: learning new skills and different things from your peers or facilitators. Be open to change.

8- loving yourself: I started accepting myself the way I am by accepting my flaws and working on them. This helped me in loving myself more.

9- interpersonal skills: it helped me develop some new interpersonal skills and polish my previous one’s.

10- being selfish: this is my favorite one. I’ve always been a selfish person and my friends used to say that being selfish is not a good thing. But here I learned “ being selfish is okay, being mean is not”. I realized that yes I’m selfish but I don’t hurt anyone in the process that means I’m not a mean person. So until and unless you’re not hurting anyone in the process it’s okay to be selfish.

Overall it’s been a great journey, my PM and APM are really sweet and helpful. They have always valued each and every person in the session. So thank you so much to everyone who has contributed even a little to my journey. I’m really grateful for each and every moment. Once again thanks for your time and for listening to my rants. Have a great day.